Monday, July 29, 2013

Zozo's tutu-and-ties-themed Birthday!

Here at Bims we don't just love making cakes.....we love being a part of your memories......

It always warms the heart when we get a return client. Uche, Zozo's mom, contacted us to make this cake, cupcakes and cookies for Zozo's tutu-and-ties themed birthday party this past weekend.

While delivering this cake, it hit me that we have been a part of Zozo's family celebrations for a long time. We made a tea-party cake for Uche's bridal shower in 2010, a bumble-bee themed cake and cupcakes for Uche's baby shower in 2011 and, if you recall, Zozo's ladybug 1st birthday cake in 2012. We also made Uche's birthday cake earlier this year!

Flavors included pink velvet with vanilla filling and white chocolate frosting, and a double chocolate cake with vanilla filling and chocolate ganache.

Uche sent us a picture of a cake she wanted replicated. While not originally designed by us, we found the cake and color scheme to be absolutely beautiful. Please let us know if you know the original designer of this cake.

Bowtie cookies were in attendance :o)

What's not to love about these adorable little tutu cookies??

We also made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting.

Happy 2nd birthday to the adorable Zozo! Thank you for including us in your celebrations so far!

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