Thursday, July 4, 2013

Zebra Birthday Cake and more from BimsFlavors

It's birthday season (Isn't it always? :o))!! Sometimes you just want a simple round cake to feed a few people.. Maybe you're having a get together or just a simple dinner. Today's post will feature a few simple cakes we've made in the past few weeks.
Bambie's friends ordered a cake for her for her birthday get-together (hint hint to all my good friends birthday is coming up---in 6 months lol).

                 They ordered a Zebra-themed red velvet cake with french vanilla swiss meringue filling.

They wanted something 'girly'. Funny enough I'm not a girl's-girl -not a tom boy either- but I'm somewhere in the middle. BUT I have to say that after having a daughter and baking cakes, I'm getting in touch with my inner girl :)

Uche celebrated the big 3-0 and had a small dinner with a few friends. She decided to surprise her sister Buife (who turned 25 a few weeks before) with a cake as well at the dinner. (hint hint again to my sisters lol).

Both cakes were red velvet (see a trend here?). Uche's cake had a vanilla filling with white chocolate ganache and Buife's was the same with chocolate ganache.

Happy Birthday ladies!

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