Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sam's Katy Perry/Candyland Pool Party Cake

Natasha contacted us to create a cake for Sam's 5th birthday party. The pool party was Katy Perry/Candyland themed and Natasha sent us some pictures of the dress Katy Perry wore in the California Girls video for inspiration. We made the dress a longer version of the dress in the video to have more cake for everyone!

If you recall, we created this Sleeping beauty princess cake for Sam's 4th birthday last year (how time flies!) and received this wonderful review from Natasha on her blog!

We also received a great review here last week. Thank you Natasha!

The cake was all pink velvet with white chocolate frosting.

The details on the dress include an ice cream cone and several hand-crafted candies.  I want to use this opportunity to thank my sister for her assistance with the details! :)

We also made 2 dozen chocolate mini cupcakes! Natasha asked for colorful, sparkly toppings for the cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Sam!!

For more details on the party, visit Natasha's blog for alllll the fun details!

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