Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Suitcase cake

I'm always amazed at how wedding celebrations vary across cultures. A few weeks ago we had the honor of designing and creating a traditional engagement suitcase cake for a Nigerian couple.
We started off by sketching a stack of 2 suitcases with a couple dressed in Nigerian traditional attire (made out of fondant and gumpaste) sitting on the top tier.

The colors of the day were lavender and champagne/ivory.

The flavors of the cake consisted of vanilla pound cake with vanilla buttercream filling and a traditional Nigerian fruit cake. This cake flavor is very unique because it is made with raisins and 'aged' in brandy over time to give it a distinct flavor.

As we learned here, sometimes your eyes play tricks on you and sketching and the real life turnout are 2 totally separate things (lesson learned- sketching is only used as a guide lol).

As you can see, the iniital sketch called for only 2 tiers. When we stacked the cakes, it didn't quite create the 'pizazz' effect we were going for- so we decided to add a 3rd tier/suitcase for a better effect!

We finished the cake with a gold-ish/tan-ish sheen to give the 'worn suitcase' look

Congratulations Kemi and Samson!

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