Monday, June 24, 2013

Fairytale Books Cake

We loved working with Wren's parents to design her first birthday cake. They knew what they wanted which always makes the process smoother :o)

Wren's parents came up with the original idea. We went through a few sketches before we decided on this design.

When we first designed the cake, the leaning book was supposed to be on the left (see sketch above) but somehow, in reality, it looked better and more "stable" on the right.

The flavors were red velvet with french vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and french vanilla pound cake with french vanilla swiss meringue buttercream.

For the fairytale books theme, Wren's parents chose Alice in Wonderland, Black Beauty and The Secret Garden". I have to say making this cake took me back to my childhood.

We also incorporated different elements from each book around the cake. For The Secret Garden we had "buttercream grass" and flowers, for Black Beauty we had a fondant horse (not pictured).

Wren's name was written on a bookmark.

For Alice in Wonderland, we had "Alice with a twist" made out of fondant . She had an afro and her outfit, while similar to the original, was ankara print. We also had other items from the story such as the cheshire cat, pocket watch, the caterpillar with the hookah bottle, smiling flowers and a teapot.

Happy Birthday Wren!

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