Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sophie's Mess Party

In my next life, I would like Natasha to be my mommy. Why? Because she knows how to throw a kiddie party like no other! 

Natasha's daughter Sophie turned 3 last week and the theme was a Mess. Yes, you heard right...a Mess party! What is every kid's dream? to make a mess everywhere. :o) Why not?!

Natasha sent us this cake for inspiration. It was made by Cake Lava (Hawaii). The thing about making a mess cake is that you have to make a 'neat' mess....a mess that's not ugly....and also an edible mess (how many times have I said 'mess'? lol). OK I digress.

If you recall, we made this  Sleeping Beauty cake for Sophie's older sister Sam. We also made this Katy Perry inspired cake for Sam's Candyland pool party. Do you see what I mean when I say the girl can throw a party? 

The cake was blue velvet with a french vanilla bean filling. Sophie's favorite color is blue :o)

The 'mess' was made using strips of fondant, oreos, and tinted white chocolate. We also drizzled it with blue syrup. I mean, why not?

                                           The cake board was 'adorned' with colorful sprinkles.

Natasha gave us a WONDERFUL REVIEW  on her blog. See it here along with pictures of this awesome party! You might get some ideas of your own!

Happy Birthday Sophie!

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