Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bird's Nest themed baby shower

We've made a few cakes for Bisi before such as this ladybug cake. Bisi contacted us to make this Bird's Nest themed cake and cupcakes for her sister's baby shower.

Lately, we've noticed this trend of matching cakes and cupcakes with alot of our customers and we love it!

The cake and cupcakes were all vanilla 'tie dye'. Each cupcake and the cake itself was swirled with 2 different colors.

Some were brown and yellow, some were green and yellow---and so forth....

The bird's nest and eggs are all edible and made out of fondant.

The nest itself  is made out of chocolate fondant and is very fragile. It was made a few days in advance...ofcourse it broke as we tried to lay it on the cake but no worries- if there's one thing we've learned, it's to always have backup! Yayy!

Congratulations to the new mommy!

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